Allen Iverson is Nasty: drops 60

Allen Iverson is Nasty: drops 60
February 13, 2005, 1:29 pm
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A.I. broke his previous career record of 58 by dropping 60 on Saturday in a win against the Magic at the Wachovia Center.

His 60 points was the highest by any NBA player this year topping Jermaine O'Neal's 55 a month ago.  It is the third most among active players behind Tracy McGrady and Mr. Shaquile O'neal.

The Magic simply couldn't stop him.  They tried Philly native Jameer Nelson along with Steve Francis, but simply couldn't contain A.I.  He hit 24 of 27 free throws.

Link: Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/13/2005 | Iverson explodes for 60 points.

"I have never witnessed a performance like this in person," O'Brien said. "This is the greatest performance I ever witnessed."

Even the Magic were mesmerized by Iverson. "I haven't seen a performance like that [ever]," said Magic rookie Dwight Howard, who had 11 points, 13 rebounds and two blocked shots. "Sixty points, that's amazing."

Iverson outscored the rest of the Sixers, 60-52. "We're all players, but we're also fans of the game," said Kyle Korver, who scored 12 points. "We all appreciate someone who can go score 60 points."

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