Amazing Video: Early Favorite for 2011's Best Flyers Non-Goal

Amazing Video: Early Favorite for 2011's Best Flyers Non-Goal
January 11, 2011, 7:46 pm
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The Flyers started pouring on the goals in the third period of last night's 5-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres, and they almost had one more.

Check out the skills on display in this aerial assault by Jeff Carter, Claude Giroux, and James van Riemsdyk:

Carter stole the puck, gained the zone, got a shot off and took his rebound behind the net, slinging it airborne past a sprawling defender to hit Giroux, who swatted it over to JVR. Riemer then juggled the puck with his skate and swatted it out of mid-air past a helpless Ryan Miller. The goal was waved off due to the high magic wand stick by Giroux, but, rules aside, the maneuver was one of the more impressive parts of the play.

[The wording of the high-sticking rule is somewhat ambiguous (big shock) in how it treats contact with an opposing player, instead distinguishing between the puck being batted "to an opponent" (wash out, play continues) or being subsequently deflected off a player or official and gathered by the team that used the high stick (play is halted). It's a close call in this instance, but looking at it in terms of a delayed penalty, they would likely not have blown play dead for the contact Miller's glove made with the puck.]

Amazingly, the puck never touched the ice after Carter lifted it to Giroux, traveling between the sticks of three players more than 10 feet from each other. The fact that Giroux stick was deemed high will keep this gorgeous play off the top ten lists, but it's really no less impressive. 

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