And Now, a Few Words From Terrell Owens

And Now, a Few Words From Terrell Owens
January 3, 2007, 11:12 am
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Turns out ol' #81 couldn't keep his trap shut, although we are surprised he's been quiet this long.

Two days
after saying his feud with Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was a
thing of the past, the Dallas Cowboys receiver took repeated shots on
his weekly radio show at McNabb and his former team.     

"It's so evident that ever since I left nothing's been going right
there," said Owens, ignoring the fact Philadelphia won the NFC East
title last season. "I'm not saying I'm the sole reason, but when I was
there we were very successful. Now it seems like everything's

>>Owens rips Eagles on way to Philly []

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