Andy Reid Gets A Tad Testy, Writer Quips Back, Perhaps Inaccurately

Andy Reid Gets A Tad Testy, Writer Quips Back, Perhaps Inaccurately
February 4, 2007, 5:11 am
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Yes, it's true.  Andy Reid got a little annoyed during his weekly press conference on Monday.  A Trenton Times writer hypes the incident up while taking shots at Reid and his team.  Some very warranted, others not so much.

A few seasons ago, a writer could probably pen that when prodded, Reid looked as if he "was nearly brought out of his chair" and we'd take his word for it.  With the power of the Internet we can watch and decide for ourselves.  Andy's entire conference can be viewed on the Eagles website.  I'd say the writer embellished a bit.  (I never embellish, ever!)

To Andy's defense, the reporters never ask if Andy asked for Donovan's input in the decision as the Trenton Times piece suggests.

This is all a moot point really.  I just thought I'd point out the differences I noticed between the writer's account and the video.  It just goes to show how nutty of a football town Philadelphia is at times.  When we're not ripping our quarterback or our coaches play calling, we're nitpicking non-stories about press conferences.

As Andy says, "he's gotta do a better job" putting himself in a position to say the right thing.

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