Andy Reid's Sons Bad Drivers?

Andy Reid's Sons Bad Drivers?
January 31, 2007, 4:12 am
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Is this really news?

NBC 10 News reported that Garrett Reid's brother, Britt, was involved in an unrelated incident earlier in the morning in West Conshohocken. In the criminal complaint, a local man told police that he was driving down the road, jockeying for position with a man in an SUV, and admitted that he and the driver were exchanging obscene words and gestures.

The man said when he pulled up to a light, a reddish-haired young man in his 20s came up to his car when the other man told the reddish-haired man to go back to his SUV. The man did, but the complaining witness said the young man then pulled a gun out from behind the seat and flashed it at him before taking off. The complaining witness was able to write down the tag numbers, police said.

Wait, did Andy Reid's kid flash a gun?  Aren't they Mormon?  This is bizarre.  Maybe they took driving lessons from Reno Mahe.

>>Andy Reid's son allegedly involved in road rage incident [NBC 10]

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