As if Penn State Needed More Motivation

As if Penn State Needed More Motivation
December 26, 2006, 10:03 am
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It's one thing to talk trash about a school's football team, their women, their lack of academic standards.  It's another thing entirely to deface JoePa.

Graffiti was found this morning on a homemade Paternoville sign attached to the rock in the center of Gate A at Beaver Stadium.

The white sheet, lettered in blue tape to read "Paternoville 2007,"
was written over with red spray paint to say "border wars, Go Bucks,
#1." The word "Paternoville" was crossed out.

You stay classy, THE state of Ohio.  Stupid 'THE'.

Since we mentioned this little bit, we thought it'd only be fair to point out that there is a rather big football game tomorrow evening out in Happy Valley.  The number one ranked team in the country, Ohio State, comes into town to face JoePa's crew.  The atmosphere, as they say, should be electric.

This game is a perfect storm of sorts in terms of my rooting interests.  1.) An Ohio State loss could catapult my BC Eagles into the top position. 2.) I'll always support PSU football  and 3.) Fuck Ohio State, right?

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