Assistant Coaches: T.O. is definately playing

Assistant Coaches: T.O. is definately playing
January 29, 2005, 3:16 pm
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Great news here: Philly Burbs:

Two Eagles assistant coaches said Friday that wide receiver Terrell Owens is definitely playing in Super Bowl XXXIX a week from tomorrow.

“There’s not even a question anymore,” one coach said. “He’s playing. And he’s not just going out there for four plays. He’s playing and he’s going to be a big factor in the game.”

“It’s pretty amazing, really,” the second coach said. “He’s not even sore. He’s not even in any pain. You watch him run, you can’t even tell he was hurt. For most people, that would be impossible, but for T.O., hey, that’s just who he is.”

I'm in Boston on a Mac which doesnt let me format all the info properly, but that is all from the T.O. being a huge factor is exactly what we could use to beat the Pats. I've been wearing my Eagles winter hat up here the past 2 days and not one Pats fan has said anything to me.. I did get 2 "Go Eagles!" from random people. Eagles fans own Pats fans.

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