Banner Supporting ReidMcNabb '08 Ticket

Banner Supporting ReidMcNabb '08 Ticket
February 6, 2007, 5:25 pm
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On the Howard Eskin show earlier tonight, Joe Banner stated that he thinks both Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb will be with the Eagles next season.  Regarding McNabb, Banner pointed to his being only the fourth QB to go to four straight conference championship games, and to McNabb's success in his first seven years in the league. Not mentioned were the number of QBs who have Super Bowl rings or how things have gone for Super 5 recently. I don't mention this because I think these latter elements better define McNabb than those Banner brought up; I just think they're a big part of the picture in evaluating his role going forward.

I for one would like to see McNabb back next season. Kevin Kolb won't be ready to start at anything resembling a high level, and with Brian Westbrook in the prime of his career, the Birds can't consider enduring a rebuilding year. Also, before he was hurt last season, McNabb was playing as well as he ever had. By the start of next season, he could be ready to reach that level again. I'd rather he did it here.

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