Barkley: 'My golf game is like a blog'

Barkley: 'My golf game is like a blog'
July 14, 2008, 11:12 am
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Deadspin's elder statesman, Rick Chandler, caught up with Sir Charles at a celebrity golf outing over the weekend. And Sir Charles never ceases to entertain:

BARKLEY: "When I talked with you on Thursday, and you said your were
blogging my rounds, I didn't know what that was. What's a 'blog?' It
sounds awful."

(Note: Barkley is not kidding here.)

BARKLEY: "So when they asked me on television how to describe my
golf game, I told them 'My game is like a blog.' Because I don't know
what a blog is, but it don't sound good."

Sir Charles painnnnnnful golf swing after the jump.

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