Bayless Says Something Smart?!?

Bayless Says Something Smart?!?
December 6, 2004, 8:15 am
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We all know and hate Skip Bayless for the moronic stuff he says and his usual Eagles hating, but in a recent piece he praises our beat up leader #5.  He gives a little too much credit to T.O. for pissing off Donovan to the point where it has made him perform better.  It's a pretty good read though, Skip says some intelligent things for once.  He says McNabb needed to "Man up" to Owens. ESPN:

Now I'm here to say that's exactly what McNabb did, in his own
mature way. He didn't lose respect from his teammates, he gained even
more. He didn't get in a hissing contest with the skunky Owens. He rose
above the stink.

Donovan McNabb proceeded to do all his
talking with his performance -- with his arm and legs and heart and
pain threshold. The Eagles say he's battling a sports hernia, a bruised
sternum and a battered shin. But neither T.O. nor a potential trip to
the O.R. has kept McNabb from being the NFL's four-week MVP.

So who has been the Eagles' unsung MVP?

-- though not for the obvious reason. Owens unwittingly provided McNabb
with the inspiration to rise from very good to warrior great. T.O.
really ticked off McNabb, who has channeled his anger into valiant

Tired? I'll show you tired, pal.

Way to go, T.O. Your selfishness finally benefited your team.

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