B.C. Gives Duke Scare

B.C. Gives Duke Scare
February 1, 2006, 6:21 pm
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-Doug Flutie is there.
-Tim Russert is there.
-Bob Kraft is there.
-Bill Belichick wears a suit to the B.C. game but a dirty sweatsuit to Patriots games.
-Doug Flutie is there.
-Convo with fellow B.C. alum: guards are awful, Hinant is a P and can't shoot and Rice is retarded.  Smith is pretty money, too bad he has no back court to help.
-Imagine if Craig Smith and Troy Bell could have played together for four years.
-Duke owns BC going into the half.
-Vitale needs to lose the ability to speak.
-Doug Flutie is there.
-BC is getting owned
-Dickie V. talking about J.J. Redick made me throw up a little in my mouth.  Sean Williams taunting doesn't belong in the game? 
-"J.J. Redick helps up Sean Marshall, now that's classy." JKD#@$#@$$@#@Pois$#@dau9#$8dae12 d$#@ASDO$#ASDIAdsfiuhdf#@$@#uifhiu3882u2$@#432iiuhduidhasiuhdasuihdsa
-Everything ever associated with Duke is the epitome of effeminate.
-"Doug Flutie is up and bouncing." B.C. down
-Gilboy: words cannot express how gay that call was. (block on Smith to foul out) That was what the Germans call ubergeigh.
-Duke has lots of white guys.
-"J.J. is an All American.", "J.J. gets that roll", "He's the best", "ONLY shooting 86% from the line, <gigle>"
-Seriously, I've never seen a B.C. crowd like that.
-Flutie Flakes
-Down 3, 20 seconds, chance to tie, can't really ask for a better effort than that.
-I just put on my SuperFan shirt.
-Dudley hits a layup?  GB: remember when kenny harley did this against USC when we were sophomores?
-"the smoothest stroke you may ever see"
-How do you not call that a foul?????????????????????
-Flutie bolted.

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