B&C Prematurely Celebrating Jimmy Rollins Day

B&C Prematurely Celebrating Jimmy Rollins Day
January 19, 2007, 7:19 pm
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Meech may or may not be known for being premature in certain areas, but he has faith in our man J-Roll.  We can dig it.  He's wasted no time in anointing November 20th, 2007, "Jimmy Rollins Day."  He's got a big day planned and we've been told it may feature some of Jimmy's family highlights as well as some other things Jimmy dabbles in.  Bugs and Cranks plans to "celebrate the wonderful season of Jimmy Rollins by posting a nice
informative tidbit on the MVP-hopeful each hour on the hour until 2:00
when the 2007 National League MVP is announced."

Your Tuesday just got a little better.  Shit, I'll take Jimmy Rollins Day over any other stinking Holliday.

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