Beck @ Tweeter in Camden

Beck @ Tweeter in Camden
December 9, 2004, 6:28 pm
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So I missed one of the best college football games in quite a while but I was rocking it out at Beck in Camden, so it's all good.  Beck is badass, that's pretty much it.  I am probably a casual Beck fan, but after reading an interview he did in GQ a few months ago I wanted to check out Guero. Anyway, Read that article and check out the album if you have not already done so.

I had pit seats for my second straight show in Camden; My pictures turned out okay, the lighting was funky so I got some cool shots of that, but it also made it tough to get some clear pictures.  The show itself rocked.  Beck mixes a little of everything and the end result is always fun.  He played the drums, acoustic and electric guitar, a banjo, harmonica, some funky keys, he pretty much does it all.  He has a band of musicians who had a table set for them on stage and had a little meal while Beck played some solo tunes.  He also had a dancer guy who just kind of hops around popping the whole time.  He mixed in a good amount of old tunes with the new hits from Guero and threw in a nice Flaming Lips cover.  The crowd really seemed to like Debra.

You can see my photo album here.  If you like Beck, he is def worth checking out live.

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