Bill Cosby's appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night was bizarre

Bill Cosby's appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night was bizarre
November 19, 2013, 9:42 am
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Anyone up late last night hoping for some lovely moments between Bill Cosby and the Roots on Jimmy Fallon were left a bit puzzled after a bizarre performance from the Jello Pudding Master.

Cosby was on Fallon to help promote his upcoming Comedy Central standup show which airs this weekend and is apparently his first in 30 years. Part of his act on the late night show seemed like it was an attempt to get viewers to tune in to his standup special to see if he really has lost it.

His performance last night was strange to say the least.

After walking out into the crowd, playing confused, the Cos then had the most bizarre interactions with the Roots, even going so far as to criticizing Questlove's playing. He also wanted the Roots to play some song while faking what his own funeral would be like. The look on Quest's face of "what the hell is this old man talking about??!?" was almost worth tuning in for. The rest of the act wasn't very funny.

And for the record, Questo says it was all part of their schtick. Leave Cos alone!

Jesus people, leave Cos alone, that's our shtick: #ribbing #dozens #signifyin #norfphilly #noharm #nofoul

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) November 19, 2013


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