Bill Simmons Remains High On Evan Turner

Bill Simmons Remains High On Evan Turner
February 17, 2011, 10:46 am
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In his annual column listing the NBA's 50 players with the highest "trade value,' the Sports Guy says to buy low on Evan Turner. Simmons writes:

Evan Turner: Instead of mentioning Mount Bustmore (Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Hasheem Thabeet and Adam Morrison) every time we wonder if a high lottery pick might be a draft bust, I thought it would be easier to rename those four guys Kwarko Beetison, who absolutely sounds like someone Chris Wallace would have drafted. Anyway, Turner's Kwarko potential has dwindled to zero: He's contributing to an overachieving playoff team, he's had a few "I AM NOT UNAFRAID OF THIS MOMENT!" games, and he's the only draft pick since 2007 capable of submitting one of those wacky, Rondo-esque 12-17-15 box-score lines someday. Go on eBay, steal some of his rookie cards and thank me later.

Also of interest, however, is the complete disregard for Andre Iguodala/Jrue Holiday/Lou Williams/Thad Young getting any ink as having top level trade value. I mean, Dre doesn't even get a mention?

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