Bill Simmons' Solution for the Sixers

Bill Simmons' Solution for the Sixers
January 27, 2010, 9:01 pm
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On his podcast yesterday, ESPN's Bill Simmons was chatting with the National Football Post's Mike Lombardi about all things NFL. After getting through a plethora of NFL topics most of you don't care about, right around the 35:35 mark, Simmons asks Lombardi if Philadelphia is a basketball town. Lombardi's answer, of course, is no. The NFL guy touts Villanova a bit but gives the NBA in Philly the jabs it deserves.

Then Simmons decides to offer up his opinion on how to "save the Sixers." It's a hibachi-tastic idea.

Send Andre Iguodala and Jason Kapono to Houston for Tracy McGrady's expiring contract, a move we've discussed before. Then trade Elton Brand and Willie Green to Washington for Gilbert Arenas.

Given Agent Zero's recent troubles with the law and his collection of guns, he may sadly fit in too well in Philadelphia.

Now Ed Stefanski has made some legitimately bone-headed signings in his short time in Philadelphia, but even he wouldn't go out and trade for a guy who plead guilty of a felony just a few weeks ago.

I went to double check if this trade is feasible via the ESPN Trade Machine and it does pass the test. But that doesn't mean it would make the Sixers any better. Certainly would add a little color to a team which is severely lacking in that department.

Moments after Bill shares his idea, the NFL guy says you could put "Theo" Young in the starting line up once the deal goes down. And with that, I believe Lombardi proved his point that Philadelphia is not an NBA town.

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