Billy King in Rush to Tra.. No Wait

Billy King in Rush to Tra.. No Wait
February 18, 2006, 5:27 am
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Talk about an owner really cramping a GM's style.  Ed Snider felt the need to flex his muscles two Fridays ago when he affirmed that "we will trade him."  Only hours prior to that statement, Billy King, despite all his shortcomings, actually handled the situation properly, keeping a hush on things.  Leave it up to Ed Snider to help his teams.

So initially it was all Sixers Trying to Trade Iverson ASAP and now it's all We're In No Rush.

team president Billy King told The Associated Press on Sunday night he
would not rush to deal Iverson, the disgruntled former MVP who has drawn heavy
trade interest from around the league.

They shouldn't have been in a rush in the first place.  Ed Snider, by showing he is the boss, just fouled things up.  Can the Sixers make this situation any worse?

>>Sixers King in no rush to move A.I. [ESPN]

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