Birds Beat Giants, Soar On To Arizona For NFC Championship

Birds Beat Giants, Soar On To Arizona For NFC Championship
January 11, 2009, 11:18 am
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Reminiscent of Emmitt Smith being stuffed twice on fourth down at the Vet in 1995, the Eagles won this game by stuffing the Giants on 4th and short on two separate occasions. Broderick Bunkley and Mike Patterson came up huge as the Birds defense put in another brilliant performance.

I can really get used to this beating New York thing. Thanks, Eli.

The Eagles are heading to Glendale to play in the NFC Championship game next Sunday. Let that one sink in for a minute.

Donovan McNabb may have acted like a moron on the final drive when he picked up the phone on the Giants sideline, but if you go into Giants Stadium and beat the number one ranked team in the NFC, you can smile and act goofy all you want.

While the Birds defense shined, the offense stepped up and made enough plays to put points on the board. Kudos all around.

Programming note: FOX's game feed went bonkers with three minutes left in the game and decided to show that stupid Kung Pao chicken Verizon commercial. Please stop doing that, even if it is a Chinese delicacy.

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