Birds Contain Purple Jesus, Win in Minny

Birds Contain Purple Jesus, Win in Minny
December 28, 2006, 11:41 am
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Adrian Peterson showed flashes of why they call him "Purple Jesus" but the Eagles ended the day with the Big Guy up there apparently on their side.  The final was 23-16 and the Birds moved to 3-4 on the season while the Vikes fell to 2-5.

Aussie punter Sav Rocca came through again in the clutch, pinning Minnesota deep inside their own territory.  This time the Eagles defense didn't let Savs handiwork go to waste.I'm not sure if it was on the final drive or not, but at some point Jevon Kearse got a sack.  Good to see he's still alive.

Don Mckie penned a piece today saying that if the Eagles lost, Donovan McNabb should be pushed aside to let Kevin Kolb take the reins.  I'd just like to say that under no circumstances should Kevin Kolb start a game this season if McNabb is healthy.

Five showed that he still has it when his receivers can get open and make some catches.  They did just that.  Kevin Curtis made an amazing circus-style catch that was one of the most impressive grabs an Eagle has made in ages.  Reggie Brown stepped up for a big game after being criticized for dropping a potential TD last week.  Heck, even Greg Lewis caught a ball.

The Eagles got the win, but they still don't breed much confidence.  The entire game, with the Vikings lurking only one score away, I was anticipating how the Vikes would decide to slit our throats.  Alas, like the Jets game, we got the W against a rather crappy team.  It sure beats losing in the final two minutes.

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