Bitchers and Catchers

Bitchers and Catchers
February 15, 2006, 7:02 pm
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While many Phillies have already arrived in Clearwater, Florida, today is the day pitchers and catcher are to report.  The Phillies wasted no time in irking some of their fans.  In an article from yesterday's Inqy, Jim Salisbury talked to Brett Myers who isn't a happy camper.  Tom Goodman put it best:

It’s also worth noting that while he was at it, Myers didn’t miss the
opportunity to take another swipe at the fans, with whom he has always
had a contentious relationship for reasons not altogether clear.  "I
don't know if [Gillick’s comments are] reverse psychology or if he's
selling us short, like the fans.”  Should the fans be blamed for
getting on an overweight and out-of-shape Myers last year, one who
admitted he couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without getting winded?

While I don't want to start the season off on the wrong foot, Brett needs to choose his word a little better.  From a wise comment:

Simple question for an irate Brett Myers:
"Brett, if the Phillies do
not lack that certain championship something, if they in fact have it,
then where are the championships?"

Brett, we like you, we think you can pitch a little bit.  But you don't have any championships to back up your attitude sometimes.  You don't have any rings; all you have are us fans, and not many of us at that.  So just go out there and pitch and when you win something, then you can call us out.  The baseball die hards in this town will let you get away with a lot more than Joe WIP, luckily Joe WIP isn't paying attention just yet.

Over at, Blinq does a round up of thoughts on Phillies fans minds.


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