Blizzard on Sunday?

Blizzard on Sunday?
January 19, 2005, 4:55 am
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Lots of weather forcasters are pointing towards a snowy weekend for the Eagles' third consecutive home NFC Championship game.  On my ride in this morning I heard CBS3's Kathy Orr make a prediction of 4 to 16 inches.  The snow is likely to start Saturday evening and continue into Sunday with it stopping close to kick off at 3 PM.  It may or may not snow, but it also may snow a whole lot.  The big question everyone is asking is which team does this favor?  Today's Daily News article by Rich Hoffman makes arguments for both teams.  Both Ray Didinger and Anthony Gargano argue that a messy weather game helps the lesser team, which in this case, is the Atlanta Falcons.  Yes, they are a dome team, but they don't play like a typical dome team.  They have the leagues best running attack in Dunn, Duckett and Vick.  The Eagles rely a whole lot more on the pass, and a snowy game could hinder their ability to get the ball downfield.  Keep your eye on the forecast this week.  Which team do you think a snowy game helps?

Link: Philadelphia Daily News | 01/19/2005 | Rich Hofmann | A FLAKY FORECAST.

The Falcons want to run it, and a snowstorm logically makes for a running kind of day. The Falcons have excellent return teams, and ball security and those hidden yards mean even more if you're involved in one of those nasty, field-position struggles. On defense, their strength is in the front seven - again, players who are even more important in a slogathon.

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