Blogger Interviews Charlie Manuel

Blogger Interviews Charlie Manuel
January 27, 2006, 5:35 am
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The Beerleaguer caught up with the Phillies on their winter tour and got to chat with Charlie Manuel and Pat Gillick.  His impressions of Charlie were great while his take on Pat Gillick wasn't all roses.  J. Weitzel spoke to Manuel for about 15 minutes and will be posting audio of the interview at some point.

Go check out a bloggers take on meeting Charlie and Pat, as well as brief mentioning of Flash Gordon and Aaron "nobody can get my friggin last name right" Rowand.  Gillick doesn't seem to think the Phillies have a shot at being a Cinderella team this year.  I always thought people in GM positions at least have to lie and say they do.  As the Beerleaguer would say, guess not.

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