Brad Lidge Loves the Nu Metal

Brad Lidge Loves the Nu Metal
March 17, 2008, 11:50 am
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Ken Mandel is the Phillies beat reporter for and he answered a bunch of questions in his latest mailbag, including one about the Phillies' new closer Brad Lidge:

Q. What song will Brad Lidge come out to? I think he should come out to
"Wild Thing," like Charlie Sheen did as Rick Vaughn in "Major League."
I'm surprised no one has done that yet.

-- Matthew N., St. Johnsville, N.Y.

A. Lidge said recently that he's leaning toward Drowning Pool's "Soldiers"
over another of their songs, "Bodies." I'm not hip enough to be
familiar with either song, but I heard them thanks to YouTube.
"Soldiers" has sirens in the beginning, and could sound cool if it were
blaring from the Citizens Bank Park speakers.

I can't imagine someone who once lost his closer job due to control problems ever using the song "Wild Thing", especially on a team that lost a World Series because of a walkoff home run off a pitcher nicknamed "Wild Thing". Matthew N, that's either a poorly crafted joke or the dumbest thing I've ever read on And that's saying a lot.

As for this Drowning Pool band, my associate Camp Tiger Claw tells me that "Bodies" is a nu metal song where the gentleman chants "Let the bodies hit the floor". I think I recall hearing this once at the Jersey Shore, blaring out of stereo speakers behind the Frog Bog. Classy.

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