Braves @ Phils Game 2: Hamels vs. Hampton

Braves @ Phils Game 2: Hamels vs. Hampton
September 23, 2008, 1:54 pm
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You have to like the way things have been going the past few days with the Phils finding ways to win as the Mets and Brewers struggle. You also have to like the Phils chances tonight with Cole Hamels taking the mound facing Mike Hampton.

Charlie Manuel seems to have the right attitude heading into the game, "I think things can go our way. We got five games left. That's what we're looking at.'' And Cole Hamels is looking to join Jamie Moyer as a 15-game winner.

The Mets certainly aren't out of this hunt yet but the pressure is starting to mount for them with 2 full games to make up with only six days left (the Mets have six games while the Phils have 5) to play.

Metsblog isn't freaking out just yet, "One at a time…Win tonight, get a better vibe going, and we’ll re-evaluate tomorrow – wash, rinse and repeat.” And, of course, hopefully choke.

The Mets also have to like their match up tonight with Johan Santana facing the Cubs Sean Marshall. The Brewers also face the lowly Pirates in Milwaukee.

Enjoy watching Cole and the boys attempt to pull a second straight NL East title a little closer.

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