Breaking News: Moss Hair a Mess

Breaking News: Moss Hair a Mess
January 10, 2005, 9:03 am
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Randy Moss has a horrible 'fro.  He needs to take some lessons from Ben Wallace or the elderly Dr. J.

When the Eagles are beating the daylights out of Minnesota next week, you won't see Moss running around the sidelines with his helmet off much.  All the news outlets are reporting on is how "Moonesota" was an outrage and Randy Moss has no class.  We've known that Moss has zero class for a long time now, but who really cares about his TD celebration antics.  Fox broadcasters yesterday were making it out to be the next coming of a Ray Lewis murder scene.

I recomend he go back to the A.I. like cornrows If he wants to stand a chance next week.  photo via AFP/Getty Images/Brian Bahr

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