Brett Myers Lost Around 30 Pounds

Brett Myers Lost Around 30 Pounds
February 6, 2007, 3:33 pm
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Brett Myers admitted to reaching the 250 mark when last season ended but a better diet and renewed work out regimen has him at a lean 218.

“I started (working out) a little earlier this year and I haven’t been able to fit into this suit in two years now and I finally made my way back into it,” Myers said, sporting a figure-flattering single-breasted design. “I just kept working and the weight just kept coming off. I really had fun doing it and it didn’t get boring so I hope I can keep at it during the season.”

Here's my guess: Myers realized after his horrible incident in Boston last year that he had allowed certain things in his life to unravel out of control.  It was a wake up call of sorts.  This season he has a better sense of responsibility and is more ready to win than ever before.  The weight loss is a sign of a Brett Myers who is ready to turn into a real ace.  That'd be nice wouldn't it?

He certainly could have just afforded to buy a couple bigger Armani suits with his new payday.

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