Brian Westbrook is a Beast

Brian Westbrook is a Beast
September 25, 2006, 5:15 am
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I highly reccomend going to check out the Inquirer's photo album from yesterday's victory over the Niners.  Click back and forth between photo 4 and photo 5.  It's awesome.

Brian Westbrook is one of the most underrated players in the NFL.  He does it all.

-Video of Mike Paterson's 98 yard fumble return & Westbrook's 71 yard stiff arm. [YouTube]
-Mike Quick had some insider info on the first play of the game. [Fanhouse]
-Nice piece by Rich Hoffman on Dawkins.  "Players make plays." [Inquirer]
-Check out the threads BDawk is rocking in yesterday's post game interview. [Eagles, Real Media Req'd]

Some Phillies, from an ESPN article For Phillies, 'it's not over yet':

"Ryan is a super-hero," said shortstop Jimmy Rollins, "and Chase is a nice-looking young man, if you ask all the ladies.

And Jimmy on E-A-G-L-E-S chants:

"There might be five guys in the stands trying to get it going, but
people just aren't joining in now," Rollins said. "Sometimes people
even boo. That's a good thing. You can't expect the Eagles chants to go
away completely, though. That's a Philly tradition."

-John Rocker is a little.. uh.. I'm not real sure.  I bet he eats at Geno's. [Deadspin]
-Army guy in Iraq with the Phillies 'P' on his gear.  That's awesome. [BS&S]
-Cole Hamels is OFF the market. [Illadelph]
-That Ryan Howard guy is pretty good. [NYTimes]
-The unedited IM I received from a disgruntled BC football fan after the jump.

DisgruntledFan: bc fuckign sucks man
DisgruntledFan: they are a disgrace
DisgruntledFan: ohliger should kill himself
DisgruntledFan: and so should dana bible
DisgruntledFan: and the whole defense
me: yep.

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