Can't Blame You For Leaving Early

Can't Blame You For Leaving Early
January 4, 2007, 8:07 pm
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From the NY Times:

In the opening moments of the second half, many of the Philadelphia
faithful headed for the exits of Lincoln Financial Field. Dallas
quarterback Tony Romo had just staked the Cowboys to a 20-point lead,
but the real insult was that he did so with a 45-yard touchdown pass to
the most hated former Eagle of them all, Terrell Owens.

As the Cowboys’ 38-17 rout continued Sunday night, even more of the
67,688 fans trickled out of the stadium. They were not only giving up
on a game, but on a season and perhaps on their once-popular coach,
Andy Reid.

It kind of reads like an obituary for this team.  It's a gloomy day in Philadelphia, that's for sure.  We watched from our couch, obviously, but would appreciate some thoughts on what it was like at the Linc from those of you that were there.

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