Catch Up On The Phillies

Catch Up On The Phillies
February 22, 2005, 1:18 am
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I haven't posted about the Phillies in a while, but have been keeping up with what has been going on.  For your educational purposes:

Yesterday, Beerleaguer noted that a Bobby Abreu trade to the Houston Astros could be a possibility, likely for pitching.  Following up the Beerleaguer's take is Tom G. who gives further analysis of a potential deal.

The Phillies had the third highest average salary last year behind the Red Sox and the Yankees.  Man, and Ed Wade really thought he did a good job.

Speaking of the Red Sox and Yankees, I can't help but truly enjoy the Red Sox fans squirm at the thought of their beloved Jesus descending into the Red Sox Nation Inferno that is Yankee pinstripes.  I think Red Sox fan's arrogance has exceeded that of the Yankees.  Maybe ESPN just plays too many clips of Peter Gammons on his knees.  Speaking of New York, I also find some sick sort of pleasure in all of New York having to walk to work.  Sucks to be you.

So the Phillies, where was I.. in case you missed it:
- Kenny Lofton signed with the Dodgers.  Kenny actually had a real nice year for the Phils last year, lets hope Rowand can take the CF spot to the next level. []
- Phillies traded Vincente Padilla for some guy you never heard of.. The Floatilla will be missed. [BL]
- Phils offer arbitration to Myers and JMike but not Endy.[PhilliesNation]
- They signed Fultz a while back.  One of the most reliable arms in the pen last year. [LA Times]
- Mr. Machete has to stay in jail.  The crazy part of this article is that in Venezuela, they use a tribunal? [ABC]

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