@ChadDurbin: How Was 'The Hangover?'

@ChadDurbin: How Was 'The Hangover?'
June 8, 2009, 11:56 pm
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In a piece in today's Inquirer, Ashley Fox takes the typical mainstream media approach to Twitter and goes well over the 140 character limit. In addition to Phillies reliever Chad Durbin, Fox points out that the only other known Philly athlete on Twitter is Eagles rookie Macho Harris. All the rest are fakes.

Apparently, a strong pass rush is not the only concern of the Eagles this off season.

"Our biggest No. 1 problem, without a doubt, right now is computers,"
said Butch Buchanico, the Eagles' director of team security.
"Blackberries, e-mail, texting, MySpace, your space. Years ago you had
to leave your house to get in trouble. Now, you don't even have to
leave your room."

Just ask Hank Baskett about that one.

Watch out for those dangerous new Macbooks, they're vertical measurements can give opposing PCs fits.

The saddest news to come out of the Inqy piece? Chad notes that he doesn't think you'll see teammate Jimmy Rollins tweeting anytime soon.

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