Chase Goes Yard Twice; Phils Blow It

Chase Goes Yard Twice; Phils Blow It

It was a great start to what is sure to be a busy weekend at Citizens Bank Park.  The Phillies took the day game on Saturday by a score of 3-2.  Chase Utley put all of the Phils runs on the board with a 2 run HR in the first and a solo shot in the 5th.  Shane Victorino is a spark plug.  He had 4 hits and was his usual stellar self in the outfield with a clutch double play.  Pat Burrell also flashed some leather with a key diving catch of his own (although upon replay it looked like it hit the grass).

Remind me to never start penning a post in the top of the 9th inning.  I should know better.  Arthur Rhodes gave up a two run bomb to Adam LaRoche to blow another save chance for the Phils.

Just when the Phillies have the wild card in sight, just when you think they can get into a winning groove down the stretch, they continue to stumble.  John Marzano went on a rant on WIP after the game questioning Charlie Manuel's move to use Arthur Rhodes in the 9th.  He suggested keeping Madson in, throwing Lieber out there for the 9th, or even going with Geary.  After the past two games, one would find it hard to argue with Mr. Marz.

Phils lose the Saturday day game to the Braves 4-3.  [ESPN Boxscore]

Jimmy Fallon gives out superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players

Jimmy Fallon gives out superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the Tonight Show, handed out his superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players. 

Linebacker Jordan Hicks was named “the most likely to be one of the Rugrats all grown up,” and safety Rodney McLeod was named “most likely to have been told he’d get a lollipop after the photo was taken.”

Unfortunately, there was not a superlative given to Tony Romo for being named mostly likely to be crying on the ground after getting sacked. 

The Eagles and Cowboys will face off on Sunday Night Football, when we will see the first battle between rookie quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott.

Check out the video for yourself right here.

Phillies fans woke up Rays' players during 2008 World Series

Phillies fans woke up Rays' players during 2008 World Series

The lore of Philly sports fans continue to grow. 

And this time, nothing was thrown.

Current Cubs and former Rays manager Joe Maddon said that during the 2008 World Series, Phillies fans found the hotel his team was staying at, and honked car horns throughout the night, keeping the team up.

"The Philly fans, they knew we were there somehow," Maddon told reporters Wednesday. "Five o’clock in the morning they’re driving around the hotel blowing the horn, trying to wake everybody up at 5:00 in the morning, 6:00 in the morning…."

Maddon says the team had already checked out of their original hotel before Game 5, but because the game was suspended, the Rays had to book another hotel in the area.

Through some impressive detective work, fans found the team's hotel and did their best to wake up the Rays throughout the early morning.

Did it work?

It must have, because the Rays allowed a leadoff double to Geoff Jenkins (remember that guy?) to resume the game.

You have to be pretty exhausted to allow a hit to that guy.