Chase Utley's Been In Space (Sorta)

Chase Utley's Been In Space (Sorta)
July 8, 2011, 8:06 am
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Here are a few fun facts about Chris Ferguson, the Philly native in the commander seat of the NASA Atlantis mission that just left off for space a couple of minutes ago: "But Ferguson won’t be the only Philadelpian aboard the craft. He’s
bringing another local icon with him: Tastykakes. Last ride, Ferguson
brought along a Chase Utley jersey. So even though he’ll be lightyears
away from the City of Brotherly Love, he’ll have an (edible, this time)
memento or two to remind of home."

He's also a four for four guy, from an Interview with Drexel University, his alma matter:

How often do you get back to Philly and do you still consider it your hometown?
get back at least once a year and yes, still consider it my hometown.
My wife, Sandy and I both have a lot of family attachment to the
area.Try as I may, I simply can’t split my allegiance to the Phillies,
Eagles, Flyers, Sixers….and cheese steaks.

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