Cheerleader Video: 'Geometric Prints Are All the Rage'

Cheerleader Video: 'Geometric Prints Are All the Rage'
June 23, 2008, 9:16 pm
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The Phillies didn't play last night and that leaves very little for Philly sports fans to talk about this Tuesday morning. So we resort to the blogger crutch. Cheerleaders.

We posted earlier about the Eagles Cheerleaders latest Calendar focusing on being "green". Fox News did some fair and balanced reporting and provide us with two videos of the Eagles Cheerleaders which you can view below.

In this first Fox News clip we're shown the "green" nature of this year's calendar. That is some "eco-sexy" ish, isn't it?

And finally, for those looking for the sexiest swimwear of the summer, Fox has you covered. Did you know bandos are best for women with smaller chests? But horizontal stripes will make you look bustier? Learn something new everyday.

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