Cliff Lee Takes Shelling Like a Man

Cliff Lee Takes Shelling Like a Man
August 30, 2009, 4:50 am
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Hammered for three home runs and six earned in five innings, his first loss as a Phillie, Cliff Lee wisely didn't take to blaming the dimensions of the park. 

"Ballpark? Whatever," Lee said. "I got hit today because I was throwing pitches down the middle. That had nothing to do with the ballpark. It was me throwing balls down the middle and them not missing them. They're good hitters. The ballpark is an excuse. Yeah, maybe in another ballpark a couple of those would have been fly balls, but they weren't. They were home runs. It's my job not to throw the pitches where I did."  

See that, Braves? That's how you lose with some stugots. Somehow I like Lee even better today than yesterday, despite the loss. (Quote via Todd Zolecki, hat tip to commenter EastFallowfield) 

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