Comment of the Week Sponsored by Misconduct Tavern

Comment of the Week Sponsored by Misconduct Tavern
November 9, 2011, 8:24 am
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Before we get into our comment of the week, we'd like to remind you about our big
Eagles Game Watch Party for the Thursday night Seahawks game on December 1st at Misconduct Tavern
at 15th and Locust in Center City. There will be some sweet beer
specials in addition to some tasty bar snacks. We hope you can come hang
out and watch the Birds with us.

This week's $40 gift card to the Misconduct Tavern goes to "Cornibal" for his/her awesome story about his/her Uncle's encounter with Joe Frazier.

"My uncle Mike owned a gas station on the Black Horse Pike between Washington Twp and Egg Harbor in the 70s. Back then there was nothing down there. It was a no man's land. So imagine his surprise when one night as he was closing up the shop he saw Joe Frazier wandering down the road on foot. Smokin Joe's motorcycle had run out of gas a mile or so up the road. My uncle Mike, filled a gas can, put Joe Frazier in his truck and filled his tank. When Joe tried to pay him, my uncle refused and said, "It's my pleasure champ!" The next Saturday night, again as he was closing up, a fleet of 10 Cadillacs led by Joe Frazier pulled into his gas station and had my uncle fill their near empty tanks. True story. Joe Frazier was all class. Philly needs a Joe Frazier statue. It's a disgrace that we have one of Rocky, a fictitious character, but nothing not even a mural of Heavyweight Champion of the World, Smoking Joe Frazier."

R.I.P. to Philadelphia's adopted, and ultimately "own," Joe Frazier.

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