Commercial Break: Andre Iguodala and Friends Debate MJ

Commercial Break: Andre Iguodala and Friends Debate MJ
September 16, 2010, 8:00 am
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In between Team USA scrimmages, it looks like Andre Iguodala and a couple of his teammate buddies took a moment to pay tribute to The Greatest and make a couple of bucks for their troubles. At 2K's behest, Iguodala, OKC's Russell Westbrook, the Bulls' Derrick Rose, the Celtics' Rajon Rondo (cut from the final squad--awkward) and the Hawks' Josh Smith (not even on the original squad--double awkward) got together in a hotel suite to play a little NBA 2K11 and discuss cover boy Michael Jordan's all-time greatest moment. [video below]

'Dre suggests MJ winning the '96 championship (his first since his initial retirement and father's murder) on Father's Day, and also re-enacts Jordan putting up 63 on the '86 Celtics in order to stiltedly taunt Rondo. Other suggestions include #23 dropping 55 on the Knicks post-comeback, playing through the flu in Utah, and of course, The Shrug. Meanwhile, Derrick Rose displayes both a culinary prowess and a surprising amount of sympathy for the plight of Cleveland. Who knew?

More to come, implies AI9. Good thing--feels like years since Chief Blocka was patrolling the airwaves.

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