Cops at CBP Officially Not Messing Around Anymore

Cops at CBP Officially Not Messing Around Anymore
May 3, 2010, 5:48 pm
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Photo via TSNProducerTim    (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

During Monday's Phillies game, a person in attendance at Citizen Bank Park ran onto the field while the Cardinals were up to bat. According to those at the game, this fan was promptly tasered.

Here's the best video we've found yet of the taser incident.

We've done the crack reporting to bring you this amazing photo of the man on the field via StephAnnBury.

It makes you wonder if it's in any way a response to criticism of Phils/security/police at CBP after the very nationally publicized puking incident. I've never heard of a fan getting tased for running onto the field at a baseball game. UPDATE: Via commenter Mark, "uh, Epic Beard Man got tased at an A's game last summer...."

What exactly the fan did to deserve the shock treatment was unclear as the televised broadcast did not show the fan on the field. Perhaps the highlight of the whole ordeal was seeing Ryan Howard with his face in his glove trying to hide his laughter.

Luckily, Charlie Manuel was allowed to leave under his own power.

UPDATE2: Awful video from the crowd:


Here's the video from the Oakland incident:

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