Cory Lidle Remembered

Cory Lidle Remembered
December 11, 2005, 7:58 pm
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Philly fans can be a bit harsh on players who don't excel for the teams we root for.  Cory Lidle was a pretty good example of that.  Lidle was a serviceable pitcher who could be fairly dependable during his time on the Phillies.  The Phillies never depended on him to be an ace in their rotation but they depended on him to go 6 innings and hopefully keep the Phils in the game.  He pitched solid for the Phillies and he represented our city well.  When he was traded to the Yankees this season, Phillies fans gave him a nice ovation and we moved on.

In the past, I've said I hate Terrell Owens.  I've said Cory Lidle stinks.  When fans like myself say things like that, we don't really hate Terrell Owens the person or really think Cory Lidle is a horrible guy.  We just want them to help our team win.  We'd never really wish anything harmful or tragic on these guys.

I'd like to commend the way Jody Mac and Sports Talk 950 handled this sad situation yesterday.  Conversely, a certain host on WIP handled it with much, much, much less class.

As my friend Sid put it, Cory Lidle wore the Phillies uniform and for that he'll always be a Phillie.

Phillies pitcher Randy Wolf: "First and foremost, my heart sinks for Melanie and Christopher. I feel
fortunate that I got to know Cory first as a teammate and then as a
friend. This whole thing makes me feel numb. Cory was an even better
person than he was a pitcher and I hope that's how he's remembered."

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