Could Be Rough For McNabb on Sunday

Could Be Rough For McNabb on Sunday
January 29, 2007, 9:02 am
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The starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks has not been announced.  Andy Reid has made it clear that if McNabb is healthy, the job is his.  Whether McNabb will be ready to go physically is another story.  Donovan says he "expects to be ready."

One thing I think we can expect is McNabb to get booed like crazy if he starts.  It just goes to show what a bunch of morons Philly fans can be at times.  Listen, I'm no longer in love with McNabb and I agree that Feeley performed better than anyone had anticipated last week but the bottom line is that you don't boo before a guy has even had a chance to screw up.

Look at Pat Burrell.  He doesn't get booed on his first trip up to the plate each game, even the Phillies fans wait until he strikes out at least once or botches a play in left.

Maybe you would prefer that Feeley gets the start on Sunday (Matt likes Feeley against Seattle).  I won't argue with that.  At this point I feel like it's a coin flip.  But if McNabb comes out of the tunnel, try not to boo the guy until he does something that deserves a boo.

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