Curt Schilling 1991 Leaf

Curt Schilling 1991 Leaf
December 26, 2005, 5:23 am
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A new weekly feature every Wednesday (or so) here at The 700 Level: card of the week. This week, Curt Schilling.

Why Curt Schilling?  Well, we saw him at the King of Prussia mall once about 10-15 years ago and were pretty fond of him as a Phillie.  Once he become a Red Sock, (Is that proper term for a member of the Red Sox?) we started to think he was a bit of a moron.  While I respect the fact that he participates on online message boards, I feel like he is often a bit too into promoting himself and his team.  I don't hate Schilling, I just don't really care for him.

The face he's making on this card is awesome.

Curt Schilling's 1991 Leaf baseball card after the jump.

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