Curt Schilling Wants to Pitch for the Yankees

Curt Schilling Wants to Pitch for the Yankees
April 15, 2008, 8:15 am
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Curt Schilling's shoulder surgeon, Dr. Craig Morgan, was a guest on ESPN 950 with Mike Missanelli to talk about the former Phillie's shoulder issues. Apparently Curt and the Red Sox don't exactly agree on the proper solution to his aching arm. Schilling and his surgeon think that a crazy-sounding procedure in which he takes out the whole bicep tendon and moves it below his shoulder would be best. The Red Sox would like Schil to simply rehab and deal with a few cortisone shots here and there instead of going surgical.

The big deal about all of this, besides Schilling's surgeon being as loony as Curt, is that the Red Sox get the final say in which path Schilling takes. If he were to get the operation against the team's wishes it would void his $10 million contract with the Red Sox.

How does Curt feel about the Red Sox trying to tell him what to do? He's not too keen on the idea. His surgeon drops this bomb, "It's entirely conceivable that he will have the operation, rehab, and pitch for the Yankees next year. That's what he wants to do."

How do you like them apples? The problem with Schilling's brilliant evil plan to pitch for the Yanks, in my opinion, is that a 41 year-old coming off some crazy surgery is usually the kind of pitcher the Red Sox would love to face.

Listen to the entire interview with the self described "out there" surgeon here. [SR950]

UPDATE: His surgeon appears to be way off base. []

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