Damn you, future! Lindros set to retire.

Damn you, future! Lindros set to retire.

I still remember it like it was yesterday...

It was the summer of 1992.  After the Quebec Nordiques drafted "The Next One" Eric Lindros against his wishes (he had previously informed the team that he would never play for them), the NHL practically forced the now-defunct squad to deal him so that the eventual successor to the Lemieux/Gretzky throne wouldn't have to sit out the entire year.

Although every NHL team with some prospects and a half-a-budget tried to come up with an enticing package to acquire the Ontario Hockey League star, the Philadelphia Flyers & New York Rangers both claimed to have struck a deal with Quebec in return for Lindros.  Apparently, the Nordiques President Marcel Aubut, agreed to trade him to both teams the same day.  This led to a situation eerily similar to the whole T.O./Iggles/Ravens arbitration case from '04.  Independent arbiter Larry Bertuzzi (the NHL player Todd's uncle) eventually came to the conclusion that the Flyers had reached their deal first -- a short 80 minutes before the Rangers.  So the Flyers sent the aging goalie Ron Hextall, defensemen Steve Duchese & Kerry Huffman, centre (O-Pee-Chee style, bitch.) Mike Ricci and a cool $15 mil to Quebec for hockey royalty.  A friggin' bargain if you axe me.

Oh yeah, I think some fella name Pete Forsberg was in that deal, too.  But anyways...


Within a month the entire town was wearing the orange "88" jersey.  All we had to do now was sit back and wait patiently for Lord Eric to lead the Flyers to multiple Stanley Cups and a shitload of Hart trophies.

Now here we are 16 years later.  No Stanley Cup.  One Hart trophy.  And the most concussed human being/biggest disappointment this town has ever seen is retiring.  And I'll be honest, I don't even know what team he was playing for.

I used to actually think what would've happened if the Rangers ended up with Lindros and we woulda kept the core that wound up leading the "new" Nordiques to 2 Stanley Cups.  Would those have been ours?  Would Forsberg have ended up as iconic as in this town as Bobby Clarke (the player)? 

But then I come to my senses and remember where I live.  The Eric Lindros of sports towns.

Ballhype - Damn you, future! Lindros set to retire.
ballhype_story_widget_131301(true);(btw, after all these years, I'm still not sure if it's pronounced Lind-rahss or Lind-rous.  Too late now.)

>> Report:  Lindros retirement due to be announced this week [ESPN]

P.S.  Fuck Scott Stevens

Union emotional after Maurice Edu's season-ending injury

Union emotional after Maurice Edu's season-ending injury

CHESTER, Pa. — On the eve of his comeback after missing nearly 13 months with a left tibia stress fracture and other related injuries, Union midfielder Maurice Edu fractured his left fibula on Saturday, keeping him out for the 2016 playoffs and beyond.

“I was trying to take the shot on goal and my foot got stuck in the turf,” Edu said Sunday, in his blue Union-issued suit and supported by crutches. “My ankle rolled and twisted and it kind of snapped a little bit. I heard it crack, and a lot of pain from there. I got a scan afterward, and there was a break.”

There's no timetable his return.

Edu, 30, has spent over a calendar year fighting various injuries that have kept him out of game action. His trouble began on Sept. 30, 2015, when he played through the U.S. Open Cup final with a partially torn groin and sports hernia. It was during Edu’s recovery from those injuries that he developed a stress fracture.

"A little bit frustration. A lot of frustration, to be honest," he said. "But all I can do now is get back to work, focus on the positives and make sure that my situation isn’t a distraction from the team."

Edu’s teammates were equally devastated by the news. Edu, the Union captain when healthy, is popular and well-respected in the locker room.

"I feel so bad for him," said Alejandro Bedoya, who wore a dedication to Edu under his jersey on Sunday. "He’s one of my good friends, so I was looking forward to playing alongside him. I know how hard he’s worked to get back, and to see him go out like that, it’s heartbreaking. I’m sad for his loss and I hope he stays strong."

Edu, who has been with the Union since 2014, returned to training in July and played three conditioning appearances with the Union’s USL team, Bethlehem Steel FC. He was on the bench for the Union’s last three games and was set to make his first appearance in over a year against the New York Red Bulls on Sunday, a game the Union eventually lost, 2-0 (see game story).

"We’re gutted for Mo," Union manager Jim Curtin said. "He was slated to start today. It’s real upsetting because he’s worked so hard to get back on the field. It’s been a tough 2016 for him, but I know he’ll come back stronger."

While he was visibly shaken by recent injury, Edu is driven to return.

"What happened, happened," Edu said. "I have no control over that. The only thing I do have control over is my next steps from here, how I prepare myself mentally and emotionally and how I continue to support this group."

Watch: Malcolm Jenkins saves Jon Dorenbos, who can't work his magic with bow tie

Watch: Malcolm Jenkins saves Jon Dorenbos, who can't work his magic with bow tie

The magician himself needed help on this one.

His bow tie.

Hey, this is what teammates are for, right?

On Monday night, Eagles longsnapper and NBC's America's Got Talent star Jon Dorenbos emceed safety Malcolm Jenkins' third annual Blitz, Bow Ties and Bourbon charity event, which raises money for Philadelphia's youth and underserved communities.

Dorenbos, quite the wizard with his hands and card tricks, couldn't solve the bow tie.

“I had no clue,” Dorenbos said in an interview with CSN's John Clark. "In fact, this is the first bow tie I’ve ever worn.”

Jenkins had his back. Watch the Eagles' leader go to work and save Dorenbos in the video above.