Dan Carcillo Suspended Two Games Updated

Dan Carcillo Suspended Two Games Updated
March 30, 2010, 10:09 am
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Danny Carcillo has received a two game suspension from Colin Campbell. NHL justice is notoriously inconsistent, but they do have a bugger for being harsh on previous offenders, as Carcillo found out in last year's playoff series against the Penguins. Carcillo did catch the guy in the face with his stick, drawing some blood, but they were doing some battle at the time and there is a question as to whether he intended it. [updated with video below]

People are calling it a high stick, but it looked more like a crosscheck to me. It wasn't pretty, but hard to say if he meant to get it up that high and he later apologized, which was nice of him.

Carcillo has been a major spark for the Flyers this season, often skating with Mike Richards' line, and leading the team in drawing opposing penalties (second in the league in that stat according to Behind the Net, actually). He's also been a fan favorite so a two game suspension will not be greeted well in Philly.

While I could not locate a video of the play in question, tell me this video doesn't have the strangest intro you've seen in quite a while?

UPDATE: Found video thanks to commenter Chris.

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