David Aldridge Says ESPN Claimed Scoop

David Aldridge Says ESPN Claimed Scoop
February 20, 2006, 12:31 pm
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The Big Lead has an interesting post with a letter to them from David Aldridge who says ESPN claimed a scoop on the A.I. trade after the Inquirer had already reported the deal:

I’m a big fan of your site. Enjoy it very much. And I feel funny doing this, but I have to protect my paper and myself.
The Philadelphia Inquirer broke the story about [Tuesday’s] trade. I
should know, because I wrote it. It was on our site about 10 minutes
before ESPN “broke” it.
I don’t expect everyone to read every website every minute of the day,
and the Four-Letter is ubiquitous, so people almost always see it
first. But in this case, they weren’t first. We were.
    I hope you can make the appropriate correction.
David Aldridge
[Philadelphia Inquirer]

Check out The Big Lead for more context.  I'll support the Inqy whenever possible.  Plus, PA is a much better state abbreviation than CT.

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