Dawkins Doesnt Care About the Pro Bowl Either

Dawkins Doesnt Care About the Pro Bowl Either
February 6, 2007, 6:48 am
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The NFC’s defense is looking a little less fierce than anticipated for this year’s Pro Bowl, with Brian Dawkins and Brian Urlacher stating they won’t be able to suit up. Urlacher hurt his toe in the Super Bowl, but Dawk pulled out for “personal reasons,” which one can only assume are “the Pro Bowl is a huge waste of time for defensive players,” and “no one will even notice I’m not there, because who watches the friggin’ Pro Bowl?”

In all seriousness, we hope all is well with B-Dawk. There’s probably a good reason he’s not going to Hawaii to rep the Eagles, so we send him all the man love we have.

Does anyone out there actually watch this game?

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