Day Game Thread: Old Man Moyer Vs. Brewers Youth Club

Day Game Thread: Old Man Moyer Vs. Brewers Youth Club
April 24, 2008, 8:44 am
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The Phils look for a split in their two-game series with the Brew Crew in Milli-Wauk-Ee (which is Algonquin for "the Good Land"), with Jamie Moyer (1-1, 4.79 ERA, 1.69 WHIP) going up against Jeff Suppan (1-0, 4.12, 1.29). Moyer's toughest task will be keeping the Brewers in the park, something that gave Cole Hamels trouble in the first and eight innings last night. Prince Fielder, who hit 50 homers last season, then became a vegetarian in the off-season, had only one dinger before meeting the Phils, and now he's bumped his total up to three. Glad we could help ya out there, brontosaurus. 

Of course, Suppan will have his hands full as well. Chase Utley continues to shred NL pitchers, homering again last night. Chase leads the majors with 10 homers, and he has pretty good career numbers against Suppan. It'd be nice to see Ryan Howard go a game without a K, or at least take one yard today. (Update: Or not. Howard's riding the pine this afternoon, with Greg Dobbs starting at first.) Hopefully Pat Burrell's hot streak will earn Howard a few more pitches.

Jimmy Rollins is scheduled to take some BP, which may be a sign that reports of his ankle injury were bunk.

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