Deadspin: It's Christmas in Philly

Deadspin: It's Christmas in Philly
December 6, 2005, 9:41 am
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AJ Daulerio gets it:

So, regardless of the extra uniformed police, the plainclothes police,
the snipers, the tear gas, the missile launchers or whatever other
beefed-up security is paraded out into the gaping maw posing as The
Linc this weekend there's gonna be some trouble, kids. You know that
guy at the bar, the one who gets progressively drunker, louder and more
belligerent as the night goes on.? That's Philadelphia this week. And
just like that guy at the bar, you can't keep your eyes off of him.
Because you know, at some point, he's going to start swinging.

Dear Santa, I'm sorry I booed you that one time in '68.  All I want for Christmas is T.O. in a body bag.


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