DeSean Jackson Drives a Lamborghini

DeSean Jackson Drives a Lamborghini
February 16, 2010, 8:30 pm
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DeSean Jackson is back in California doing what he do (during the offseason). One of those things appears to be driving around in a Lambo. He recorded the following videos which initially aired live on UStream and were tweeted about on his ever so popular Twitter -- popular in the sense that the Daily News' word jumble is popular. One video shows DeSean getting into a white Lamborghini and another shows him revving it up quite a bit.

To warn you, the quality of these videos is awful. Spike Jonze these fellas with an iPhone are not. Hey, the young star is certainly enjoying life. [videos below]

Welp, they're certainly getting it in. And yes, I'm the one who watched these videos.

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