DeSean Jackson Will Not Read This

DeSean Jackson Will Not Read This
February 4, 2010, 9:36 am
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Of all the photos coming out of Super Bowl week -- Brent Celek at the Playboy party, Donovan and Terrell at the club -- this shot of DeSean Jackson being treated like a lab rat is, obviously, the strangest.

My friend and former colleague Will Brinson over at FanHouse competed against the Eagles stud receiver in some sort of bicycle endurance test put on by Gatorade. (Or something, I'm still not clear on what they did on those bikes.) All cycling aside, Brinson had a nice conversation with Jackson about all things Eagles.

I cherry picked this quote from Jackson in which he talks about heart.

WB: It seems like people are
always trying to question shorter athletes -- not that you're short or
anything -- but has that always been a really motivating factor?

DJ: Yeah, the biggest thing in
football, in my eyes, is heart. A lot of guys are big, some guys are
small and it doesn't really matter at the end of the day if you go out
there and put a lot of heart into it and do what you need to do. So
that's always been my thing: always wanting to be the toughest little
guy and play like I'm 6'8" or whatever.

Somehow, if DeSean was 6'8'' I don't think he'd be quite as quick.

Mr. Brinson also name dropped us to DJacc but sadly it didn't sound like Mr. Jackson reads too many blogs. He's too busy spending all of his time trying to come up with the perfect tweet.

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