Did Warren Sapp Have a Bad Cheesesteak?

Did Warren Sapp Have a Bad Cheesesteak?
January 23, 2006, 9:02 pm
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Warren Sapp doesn't like to eat on road trips.  He's scared that the food served to him will be tampered with and he sites examples of it being done in the past.

He pointed specifically to three incidents: Before the NFC
Championship Game in Philadelphia at the end of the 2002 season, which
the Bucs won en route to the Super Bowl title; before a divisional
playoff game at Green Bay in January 1998; and at New Orleans, where
the Bucs played a game during the 1998 season.

"I know it's real, especially in Philly, come on," said Sapp, long an unpopular figure in the NFL for his play and his mouth.

I wouldn't doubt that some fanatical Eagles fans working at hotels in Philly messed with Tampa before the NFC Championship game but going as far as poisoning food?  Okay, maybe Philly is that nuts.  I like how he gets creative and orders food to a different room under a fake name.

>>Sapp insists food was tampered with on road trips [ESPN]

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